Nanocred personal loan - nanocred eligibility, documents required, review

Nanocred personal loan

     what is nanocred? nanocred is an Instant personal loan application platform offers personal loans to young mobile users developed by P C financial services is an NBFC enrolled in RBI. Nanocred is one of the leading mobile-based lending platforms in India to cater to short-term requirements by providing personal loans with minimal paperwork. 

how to apply for Nanocred personal loan and the eligibility criteria and the documents reuqired to apply for unsecured loan

    Nanocred is providing loans to fulfill various credits needs like to pay rent or buy a new mobile or any medical emergency. 

Nanocred Features

  • No past credit history of a person is required
  • Complete paperless process 
  • A quick audit of your profile for loan eligibility
  • Cash will be directly credited into your account once approved.
  • You can take a loan at any point of the day 24X7.
  • Flexible loan payment options.
  • Immediate bank transfer after approval.

Documents required for Nanocred personal loan 

  • Aadhar card/PAN card
  • Three-month salary slips statement 
  • A selfie
  • Three-month bank statements

Eligibility for Nanocred  personal loan 

  • Should be an Indian citizen residing in India 
  • Age should be in-between 21-56 years.
  • Monthly Income sources 
  • A working Bank account
  • Android mobile with a working mobile connection. 

Nanocred interest rates and Fees

  • Interest rates are up to 33% per annum
  • The processing fee varies from Rs.90 to up to Rs. 820 plus 18% GST

Example of Nanocred personal loan 

      If you take a loan amount of Rs.1000 for a period of 91 days. then the interest rate will be only Rs.81 and the processing fee would be Rs.236, therefore the total amount paid would be Rs.1317.

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Nanocred personal loan

  • Loan amount varies from Rs.1000 to up to 50,000
  • Interest rates vary up to 33% maximum
  • Loan duration varies from 91 days up to 120 days.
  • The processing fee is from Rs.90 to up to Rs.820
  • Repayment can be done by PayTm, Razorpay, Cashfree or by Bank transfer.

Steps to apply for Nanocred  personal loan

  • Download the Nanocred App from the Play Store or from the official website.
  • Register your details and very your mobile number.
  • Select the loan amount.
  • After the completion, you may get a call for confirmation. The last application result will appear in the APP and you will timely get updates through SMS.
  • You need to confirm the loan agreement.
  • After the confirmation of the loan amount by customer care. The loan amount sum will be credited directly into the given bank account within 5 minutes and an SMS notice will be sent

Nanocred customer care details

      Nanocred customer care number is 0120-6027801; 18005721618. You can also contact through e-mail 24x7 by

Conclusion (Personal view)

       The app is a bit rusty and needs lots of improvement, features are good as they give loans to laptops, mobiles as well buy registering into it, It is very reliable and safe and has a lot of experience in Loan disbursal. This app is also owned by PC financial.

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To download the app from play store "Click here"

To download the app from the official website "Click here"