Best money management app in india for Android and Ios

best money management apps in India for Android and IOS

      Smartphones have made it possible to access the whole world from your hand from watching your favorites videos like movies, websites to booking a cab or order food, clothes almost anything. On average there are more than 30 apps installed on a smartphone. Mobile apps play a major role in simplifying our financial needs, be it applying for a loan, paying your bills, or even making an insurance claim.

                                   These are some best free money management apps to save money while you spend

    You might have saved a lot of money by buying a smartphone instead of other devices like cameras, music players, etc but can it manage other expenses as well? As the saying goes, if a feature isn’t already built-in then definitely there is an app for it. So, of course, you can these are some of the best money manager apps in India. They are many of the best expense tracker app to save money.
  1. MoneyFy
  2. Walnut
  3. FinArt
  4. Money view
  5. ET Money
Let us know more about these best top rated money management apps in India.

1. MoneyFy

     MoneyFy has more than a million downloads and has a good rating in the play store. It is one of the top-rated money management apps. MoneyFy tracks all your expenses to categorize into groups like shopping, food, travel, and more. you can safely synchronize data from all your devices. this expense tracker app is very useful
  • You can add in more details manually also if you don't get SMS for your transaction.
  • Your Expenses Data is tracked through SMS only so your Bank details are safe.
  • Easy interface to use and you can manage categories that you don't use.
  • You will get timely reminders of bill payments and pending dues through the app.
  • You can add in multiple accounts as well and there is a built-in calculator 


  Walnut is one of the top-rated money management budget apps in India with a wide variety of features to track your money and categorize in groups such as food, travel, and other expenses by the end of the month you will know every penny of your money is used. Both Android and IOS apps available.
    • You can get a detailed report on your expenditure at the end of the month or for the six months. 
    • You will get timely updates on your due payments like personal loans, Credit card bill. You can directly pay credit card dues through the app
    • You can split bills with your friends and send in a request to pay them the money
    • Walnut does not record your Sensitive bank data like passwords or user ID it only accesses the SMS app to get data
    • You can even see Active ATM's, Stores around your locality using this app
    • You can get a personal loan up to 1Lakh through the app but only for premium members.


       FinArt is one of the best budget management apps in India. This money management app tracks your money to categorizes in groups like travel, shopping, bills, and more in the form of a Pie chart or bar charts for better understanding. This is an expense tracker app with lots of features
    • You can add manual transactions that you don't receive SMS.
    • You can set in the budget for each category for a month based on that you will get timely updates. 
    • You will get timely reminders of your dues to be paid. 
    • You can check your balance in various accounts like PayTm, Amazon wallet, and can also track all your subscriptions like Netflix, Amazon Prime, iTunes, and Spotify. 
    • You can also use a private feature wherein no data will be sent to the FinArt server. 

    4. Money View

       The Money view app is a good budget management app for all your budgetary needs it automatically tracks all your money flow and categorizes into shopping, travel bills, etc. It forms Pie charts for you to easily asses. There is also a built-in calculator.

    • All your transactions are safe as a pin is required to access the data.
    • You can also add manual transactions that you did 
    • You can store your data in google drive or dropbox
    • Set timely reminders of the bills to be paid like credit cards, loans, or Salary reimbursements.
    • You can also get a loan up to 5 Lakhs from the Instant Personal Loan App
    • This wallet is very safe as it only uses your SMS to get details and does not record passwords or bank details.

    5. ET Money

       ET Money is one of the most popular apps around as it provides more than money management, It also provides options to invest your money into mutual funds as well. You can track and manage all your expenses in categories like ATM withdrawals, Shopping, food, etc. you can see your spending reports, daily weekly and monthly as well. Both Android and IOS apps available.
    • You will get updates on bill dues to be paid and timely reminders. 
    • You can save your money from the app itself by using a 'smart deposit feature', you can invest at a time or by recurring deposits with Reliance liquid funds direct growth with a minimum deposit of Rs. 500. 
    • You can also invest in top-rated mutual funds for free, there is a guide to invest in various schemes like tax saving, Safe funds and many more. 
    • You can easily track your mutual fund's health through the app itself.
    • This wallet is very safe as it only uses your SMS to get details and does not record passwords or  bank details