top 10 books every entrepreneur should read

      Even if you have lots of knowledge, it isn't power but applying your knowledge will give you power. Reading a good book builds up your personality, your thoughts, and ideas. And for an aspiring entrepreneur personality is very important to be successful.

      Reading books is a great hobby to have if you see most of the successful businessman or Entrepreneur is an avid reader of books. On average it is said that a successful businessman, CEO read about 50-60 books per year. For example, Bill Gates said in an interview that he completes a new book every week.

      Every year there are many businesses that start but only a few make will make it to the top. There is a saying that Readers are leaders and leaders are readers. These are some of the best entrepreneur books to read and follow to get success and profitability.

1. I'll Make You an Offer You Can't Refuse: Insider Business Tips from a Former Mob Boss.

     This book is written by Michael Franzese is a former American mobster. He has written this book with all his real-life experiences, Street smartness, and a pinch of Philosophy. He has given a lot of insights on mob culture, strategies to win, What kind of people you need to have on your side, how to stay on top of negotiations, and lot more.

2. Rich dad and poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki

      This book is actually very popular, the chances that you know this book is high. In this book, Robert takes about an Asset and a liability which is very important to learn. An asset will give you money like for example if you save your money in Fixed deposits it gives you interest whereas a liability will take money out from you like a car, it cost money to maintain a car. Robert also talks about how important to cashflow from Assets can fund your ideas.

3. Principles by Ray Dalio

      Ray is a self-made billionaire, in this book he not only talks about money but the principles that are to be followed for better and more informed decision making and also reached about critical thinking to how to be self-aware as many aspiring individuals forget the basic principles but the basic principles always remain the same only the tactics might change a bit.

4. The success system that never fails by Napoleon hill

     Napoleon Hill is a very admired author in this book he explained about the environment, how to structure the environment that inturns support you. Not only about the physical environment but the people you surround yourself the power of your environment in the success system that never fails.

5. Unlock it by Dan Lok 

     Dan is a self-made person in this book Dan has compiled all the lessons he has learned from these twenty years. This book can help you in unlocking your potential to succeed, for some it may be earning more profits in your business, for some it may be unlocking their to potential to earn more income.

6. Poor Charlie's Almanack by Charlie Munger 

      Many people might have already known about Warren buffet but a very few might know about Charlie Munger, he is the business partner of Buffet and a self-made billionaire in this book he has shared a lot of his experiences you will definitely get a lot of ideas and can make how to make good decisions, you are going to learn about how to get good ideas, you are going to learn how to look economy and invest. He has even written a section on how to build a trillion-dollar company

7. The Richest Man in Babylon by George S.  Clason

      This a very small book that you will take very little time to read. you can learn a lot about money and Investing. There are proven principles that are present in the book which isn't that easy to follow but they are tried and tested methods from many centuries. These basic principles won't change even after another 100 years there are very basic principles like 'Don't spend more than what you earn'.

8. The little book of Common Sense Investing by John C. Bogle

     There is a saying that nowadays common sense is not so common these days, and common sense doesn't equal common Practicing. Nowadays many people are just following social media and just chasing the gimmicks like the latest investment facts or cryptocurrency or forex trading and forget the fundaments that what makes most people millionaires. In this book, it talks about how you can secure your financial future by saving a little money every month and the power of compound interest.

9. How to be Rich by J. Paul Getty

     Jp Getty is one of the richest men in the world, If you want to be a millionaire then there is no better of a role model like Getty. This book doesn't talk about how to get rich but talks about how to be rich. In this book, you can see how a billionaire's perspective on money and life. A lot you can learn from this book

10. The latte Factor by David Bach

      This book talks about how you don't need to be rich, In this book, it talks about financial freedom and why you don't need fancy techniques and in some ways, you are actually rich than you think. Ther are many principles that you can apply in your life and tweak your day to day finances to attain financial freedom

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