Top 7 Bitcoin wallets in India 2020

       Looking to buy or sell bitcoins in India? Or best cryptocurrency trading platforms in India? here are the 7 best bitcoin wallets in India to invest the money in BTC  or to do trading and also to keep your cryptocurrencies safe and secure on Android, IOS, or website. Top bitcoin wallets.

          The price of Bitcoins varies from country to country. There is a growing demand for Bitcoin nowadays in India. With the surge in the price of bitcoin from a few hundred in 2016 to 4lakhs now in 2020. And According to many big companies and experts, the value of bitcoins is going to surge in the coming years. Even the government of India and RBI have issued regulation warnings regarding investments and trading bitcoins in India.

          Investing in Bitcoins is crazy in many people but at the same, it's risky as the price fluctuations are very high, Cryptocurrencies are very volatile in nature. If you want to trade, here are some of the top bitcoin wallets in India

  1. Giottus
  2. Zebapay
  3. Koinex
  4. Wazirx
  5. Buy U coin
  6. Unocoin
  7. Paxful

Let you know more about each of the top bitcoin wallets in India in 2020

1. Giottus:

      Giottus was founded by two IIM alumni in 2017. It is a multi-coin exchange cryptocurrency platform that is safe and secure, It offers many cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Etherum, Ripple, etc.
It is a comparatively new cryptocurrency trading platform in India but has a lot of amazing features like processing KYC withing 5min only PAN and Aadhar card is required for KYC verification. They charge Flat 0% for sellers currently in March 2020 even for buyers also with zero membership fee. You can directly transfer money from bank to wallet by Bank transfer like IMPS, RTGS, NIFT and Payment gateways. Giottus is powered by a highspeed matching machine that can match 50,000 transactions per second. 

       Zebay is one of the first bitcoin wallets in India established in 2014. With more than 1million downloads on the play store, it is one of the safest and reliable companies in India. It is headquartered in Singapore, In India it's office is situated in Ahmadabad. You can easily download the app from the play store and start using the app by completing KYC. There is a 0.1% seller fee to load cash, If you wish to withdraw your bitcoins( BTC) to rupees(INR) then there is a fee of 0.0006BTC. You can easily transfer your cash to BTC and start trading. There is a membership charge of 0.0001BTC.


       Koinex is one of the most advances and reliable websites in India established in 2017. Currently, it runs on the website and it deals with multiple cryptocurrencies. Koinex charges a fee of 0.15% for the seller as well for the withdrawal of BTC. It allows two-step verification for safety. Withdrawl can be as fast as 30sec. You can load cash using your bank, This website is totally made in India.

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4. Wazirx

      Wazirx is an Indian cryptocurrency trading platform founded in 2017, was recently acquired by Binance in 2019 one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges. This acquisition forayed Binance into the Indian market. Warzirx has developed its own coin called WRX, only 1billion of WRX coins will ever be created. Each new sign-in will get 100 free WRX coins. It is a multiple cryptocurrencies exchange platform. It offers more than 80 products now. It has a fee of 0.2% for both seller and buyer and charges 0.0005BTC for BTC withdrawal. Its interface is very clean and easy to understand, The platform is available in  Appstore, Playstore, Windows and website versions.
      The transactions are very fast and you can easily add cash using your bank details and can withdraw as well.

5. BuyUcoin

       BuyUcoin is the first Indian Bitcoin exchange platform in India to accept credit card payment facility that was founded in June 2016. It a multiple cryptocurrency exchange platforms with more than 30 products that you can trade using their service. They charge 0.42 % from the seller as a transaction fee and 0.84% from the buyer as a fee, Their charge varies to withdraw BTC to inr. They charge 0% if you want to add cash into your wallet using IMPS/UPI/NEFT/RTGS and charge 2% if you use any payment gateways.
      It is very secure as 96% of the funds are stored offline than done offline by several other platforms. The transactions are very fast. This website offers its interface in Hindi.

6. Unocoin

      Unocoin is one of the entrants in bitcoin space in India in July 2013. It is the leading bitcoin platform in India with a well-polished website and app interface. You are able to buy, sell, store, use and accept bitcoins withs its interface. It is multiple cryptocurrency trading platforms. It charges a fee of 0.7 to 1%for sellers and buyers, as the transaction volume increase charges will reduce. The charges to withdraw BTC vary.
      It is one of the only platforms that allow recharges/DTH recharge services through bitcoins in India and they building a merchant base to allow bitcoins in India. It does require you to complete KYC before to start trading. You can load cash using Bank transfer like IMPS/RTGS.

7. Paxful

        Paxful was founded in 2015, It is the only non-Indian company in this list that was not developed in India but it had started its operations in India. It offers more than 300+ options to trade in cryptocurrencies like Paypal, Giftcards from Amazon Itunes or Playstore, WesternUnion, credit cards/ Debit cards and even local payment options like Phonepe,  Google pay, and PayTm. IT is a multiple cryptocurrency exchange platform where you can trade Bitcoins, Etherum, Litecoin, etc.
         Paxful has a partnership with Binance whereas users are allowed to buy and sell bitcoins using their Binance Account. You can find the current price of BTC in the App
       Paxful charges a fee of 1% from sellers and buyers and charges 0.0005BTC to withdraw Bitcoins into INR. There is no membership charge.

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