Best future business ideas in india 2020

        Would you like to secure your future, then start investing your time and energy in the blockchain which will definitely yield results in the future. Blockchain is the core technology on which all the cryptocurrencies are operating on like Bitcoin, Etherum, Litecoin, etc. Blockchain creates one of the safest peer-to-peer transactions.
         Nowadays blockchain isn't limited to a small circle of techies or a group of individuals but a wider group of the audience has recognized the uses of blockchain. for example, transactions through blockchain are more secure than traditional ways so many banks like DBS, Bank of England, Deutsche Bank, etc are now trying to employing blockchain technologies.

        In India supreme court has lifted a ban on cryptocurrency, Legislation is yet to be implemented 

       There is an increased interest in blockchain technologies after the recent boom in the cryptocurrency market that made a lonesome profit to many people involved. Here are the best future business ideas in India that you can start and be future-ready.future business ideas future
  1. Content writing for cryptocurrency blogs and magazines
  2. Become an online trainer
  3. Cryptocurrency exchange company
  4. Creating a digital wallet cum trading company 
  5. Promoting blockchain products through affiliate marketing 
  6. Sell goods for cryptocurrency
  7. Start a cryptocurrency atm/buy cryptocurrency 
  8. Microtransistion Provider
  9. Registering blockchain/cryptocurrency domain names
  10. Launch your own e-commerce company.
Lets us know more about the future business ideas in India 2020

1. Content writing for cryptocurrency blogs and magazines 

       There are many ways, you can earn by blockchain and crypto trends one of the easiest and simple ways is to write content in blogs or to any popular magazine you can earn handsomely with this method without any investment. You can even start your own blog and post content that you could monetize. Currently, the demand for information regarding bitcoin is too high but the content is limited. To become a content writer you should have a decent knowledge of crypto trends. You can even write books or review books on crypto trends like bitcoins, Etherum. etc and post in your blog.

       Especially in India, there is a lot of misconception and misinformation you can easily clear this with your work. business ideas 2020future.

2. Become an online trainer

      There are still lots of people, enthusiastic to learn more about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, in fact, the entire internet is looking to crack the code of cryptocurrency so that they can get a share of profit. You can provide help and services for these people by providing information about their favorite cryptocurrency on a timely basis.

       This is a low investment business with good returns, you can work from home this eliminates the establishment costs or office space costs make a living all you need to do is invest in your time to keep up to date. If you aren't unable to provide certain services you can outsource them. You can even expand your business to foreign markets as well. business ideas for Indiafuture.

3. Cryptocurrency exchange company

        There is a huge demand for cryptocurrency exchange as the number of cryptocurrencies are increasing from time to time like Bitcoins, Etherum, Litecoin, Ripple, etc with the increase of cryptocurrency there will be an increase of people willing to convert their currency to real cash like dollars or INR, etc. You can provide localized service for exchanges recently bitcoins have increased their value by 1000%. BTC to USD, BTC to INR, BTC to AUD is very popular similarly you can start providing service for other currencies.

       There are many companies like Binance, Coinbase offering these services, you can just replicate them and start your own with less transaction fee to gain a customer base. Exchanges you to have a license and there are lots of regulations as well to comply if you are from certain countries like India. If you are From the USA you can shift your base to the Caribbean where the regulations are not strict. If you are from Asia, you can shift your base to Singapore and start your operations in India.

       In India, there is an enormous demand for crypto-exchanges and there are already a few companies providing these services like Unocoin, Giottus, etc. you can start your own fulfill the ideas in India future

4. Creating a digital wallet cum trading company 

       If you are using cryptocurrency then you would know how important digital wallets are, without wallets you cant store your cryptocurrency as cryptocurrency is a digital currency. Through wallets, you can receive and send money through a private key. Creating a digital wallet can be your first step into the blockchain.

      You can start a trading company as well along with the wallet. which has a huge scope for growth as many people want to trade in cryptocurrencies and unlike the regular trading that happens only for a certain time Crypto trading can go on round the clock.

      Many companies like Binance, Coinbase have started out like wallets and now they offer a wide variety of products like exchanges, wallets, and Day trading. In India, there are companies like Unocoin, Giottous, Wazirx, etc offer similar services.

     In India, the regulations are very cumbersome you can go on with them or start in Singapore, you need to have a license to start a crypto wallet or trading or exchange company. business ideas 2030future.

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5. Promoting blockchain products through affiliate marketing

     There are many companies and entrepreneurs that are now accepting cryptocurrency as real money and to increase the sales they are using Affiliate marketing to sell their products. Many companies like Binance, LocalBitcoins, Coinmama, A-Ads, etc. offer Affiliate programs.

       You can easily visit their website, register and be a part of their affiliate program, they will be providing a unique link whom the users should follow a unique link to the product. The company would know how many clicks they have received through and would pay a percentage of it.

      You can do this without any investment if you have blogs or through social media, you can easily advertise and make a decent living out of it. In India, it's still in the starting stage you can easily make use of it.

6. Sell goods for cryptocurrency

    Not many companies accept cryptocurrency as real money for their products you can fulfill this gap by providing this service and charge a fee for that. You can integrate cryptocurrency as a payment method if you are already selling goods.
     In India, you can do this as it is completely legal. Unocoin is a digital cryptocurrency wallet that has convinced more than 50 merchants across Karnataka to accept BTC.  And still, there is a lot of opportunities to cash in. business ideas 2030 in India 

7. Start a cryptocurrency Atm/Buy cryptocurrency 

     There is a lot of potential for cryptocurrency atm. Just like regular atm that dispense money you can start a cryptocurrency Atm that can dispense the local currency for the cryptocurrency like BTC to INR, BTC to USD or ETH to INR. As cryptocurrency expand the demand for these kinds of ATm's will grow.

     You can simply buy Cryptocurrency and hold for a period of time. If its value increases you can get good returns. Like bitcoin which was launched in 2015, its price was around 300 dollars now its price is more than 6000 dollars.

     In India, there are two know cryptocurrency ATm's one is in Bangalore and in Delhi. Currently, both have abandoned their services due to regulations. The Supreme court has lifted the ban on the use of cryptocurrencies in India and the government is yet to bring in regulations there might be a silver lining in the coming months. best future business ideas for healthcare future

8. Microtransistion provider

     This is similar to cryptocurrency exchange but here you can provide the service of transferring small amounts in Bitcoins like 10,000 satoshi which is around  49.5 rupees. Earlier it was close to impossible to smaller amounts of money i.e less than 70 rupees (1USD) because the cost of spending is high.
     In India the 1BTC is around 5lakhs, not everyone wants to transfer this amount at a time, you can provide a service by transacting smaller amounts. Recently Blockcypher has come up with an API to transfer smaller amounts you can also create similar ones.

9. Registering blockchain/cryptocurrency domain names

   As the cryptocurrency niche tends to get wider more people would be willing to buy domains related to cryptocurrency. You can buy those domain names which are highly requested and hold them and sell at a profit at the right time. You can start with Bitcoin, Etherium related domain names as these two are very popular in recent times.

10. Launch your own e-commerce company

    You can launch your own E-commerce company by accepting bitcoins. As many online retailers like Amazon won't allow cryptocurrency payments you can buy gift cards from those popular sites like Amazon, Airbnb, Southern airlines, Flipkart and sell these gift cards for bitcoins at a fee. This business model is already replicated by the company. You can start similar in your locale.
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