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Loanfront app -  Personal loan, Unsecured loan 

        What is loan front? LoanFront app launched by capfront technology pvt ltd, located in Bangalore established in 2018 by a group of professionals oriented towards being a leader in innovation and creative technology-driven strategies and solutions. Launched loanfront app as a solution credit requirement in India.

       With loanfrot app you can get a minimum loan amount from Rs. 2000 to maximum u to Rs. 2lakhs completely online with zero paperwork From start to end of disbursal of loan. with an Interest rate(Loanfront interest rate) starting from 20% up to 35% maximum and guarantees an interest rate not less than 2.9% per day with a duration of 62 days to up to 180 days and the processing fee will vary from Rs. 100 to up to Rs 1000 max.

       What is  Loanfront? Loanfront app is simple to use and very few steps are required to get your loan approved with zero paperwork with the complete online process. From the application and report accommodation to the confirmation and disbursal – everything is digitized for greatest proficiency. likewise, guarantee clients' genuine feelings of serenity with straightforwardness at each progression.

        On account of our best in class innovation and calculation, we can totally evacuate human mediation in all the procedures from gathering the records to confirming it and moving you the cash in under 10 min.

Example of Loanfront personal loan 

      If you take a loan of  ₹10,000.00 and with a loan, fee is 25 % per annum with a duration of  90 days (3 Equated Monthly Installment), If you want to pay in 3 EMIs then.
  • First EMI= ₹3,501 (Principal = ₹3,251, Interest = ₹250) 
  • Second EMI= ₹3,501 (Principal = ₹3,333, Interest = ₹169) 
  • Third EMI= ₹3,501 (Principal = ₹ ,416, Interest = ₹85 ) 
  • Total Innterest paid= ₹250 + ₹169 + ₹85 = ₹504 rupees 

Expense involved

Innovation expense on the credit is: ₹500
Once Registration expense: ₹100
Technology expense (GST at 18%) = ₹500 * 18% = ₹90
One Time Registration expense (GST at 18%): ₹100 * 18% = ₹18

Documentation required  for personal loan

  • Your PAN card subtleties 
  • One government ID like Aadhar, Passport or Voter ID card
  • A selfie of the applicant
You can  check for loan eligibility from the loanfront website Click here

Eligibility of personal loan from Loanfront

  • Should be an Indian citizen
  • Should have age above 18 years
  • Should have a bank account 
  • Should have a working android mobile with working internet connection
  • Should have an income above Rs. 15000.

Features of Loanfront

1. Online submission - Complete online process with not even a single document to sign
2. Review in minutes - Your profile will be reviewed and the amount you will be eligible will be shown in the app with a few minutes on the application

3. Immediate transfer - After the review, the eligible amount will be shown in the app and you can select the amount you want and the amount will be credited on to your bank account almost immediately.

How to apply for loanfront app

  • Download the app from play store
  • Update your profile and verify your mobile number
  • Check the eligibility of your loan amount
  • Choose your advance that you are eligible
  • The amount will be credited in no-time.
Loan front contact number:  080 4812 6351 you can call in working hours and you can e-mail any of your queries: loan front customer care

Conclusion (Personal review)

        Loanfront is a new company launched in 2019, This app's interface is good, minimum steps to take small credits initially there were flaws initially now they have corrected most of them, they are new into the market we expect some hiccups

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