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Loanadda app - Personal loan

        what is Loanadda? LoanAdda is a web-based loan provider for various needs. Loanadda was founded in 2015 by Anshuma Mishra. He is a veteran with more than 15years of experience in banking, consulting, and retail. Anshuma Mishra is the current CEO of Loanadda, Loanadda uses its own algorithm to provide loans as using the CIBIL score there are a lot of people left out, by doing this Loanadda provides the best possible loans products for the customers.

      It is said that 78% of the people availing loans on Loanadda are first-timers, It has partnered with 40+plus banks and the company claims that till now it has disbursed more than Rs.400 crores, and deploying more than 100 loans per month to the eligible candidates. Till now Loanadda has raised more than half a million dollars from an angel investor from India.
     Its specialists are consistently available to come into work to assist you with correcting until the credit disbursal. Upheld by a group with first-rate banking mastery, So whether it's your fantasy home, dream occasion, or your fantasy wedding, or anything you at any point wanted yet couldn't accomplish because of an absence of accounts, don't stress as we, Loanadda - Personal loan will make it come to satisfy. You can take a loan to fulfill your travel desire or the pay of your existing debt. You can easily top up your loan from Loanadda

Features of Loanadda app 
  • Past credit history is not required
  • Flexible loan payment options
  • There are more than 40+banks available through which you can avail the loan
  • Very less documentation is required
  • You can repay the loan from the app itself
  • Immediate transfer of loans
  • 78% of the people getting a loan are first-timers so there is a lot of possibilities to get a loan approved
  • A complete paperless process
  • You can track your IFSC codes through the app

This app is Multi linguistic, there are 11 languages that you can use the app interface with. 

Documents required for Loanadda personal loan 

  • Identity proof like PAN/Aadhar card
  • Address proof like Passport/Voter ID, etc
  • Bank statements
  • And additional documents required by certain banks.

Eligibility for Loanadda Personal loan 
  • Should be above 21years
  • Should have a minimum income of above Rs.15000
  • Both individual and self-employed can avail loan 
  • Should have a working bank account
  • There might be additional requirements for individual banks.
  • A CIBIL score of above 750+
  • Working professionals should have a minimum of six months in the same company
  • Self-employed should show ITR fro the past 3 years

Loanadda Personal loan Interest rates and Fees

  • The interest rates vary from 10.75 to up to 35% per annum
  • The processing fee is 1% of the principal plus GST
  • The pre-closing fee varies from 2 to 3% of the outstanding.
  • Each bank will have its own applicable charges.

Examples of Loanadda personal loan 

       If you wish to take a loan of Rs. 3 lacs at the rate of 11% with repayment tenure of 5 years, then the EMI per month you will be paying is Rs. 6,523. The total loan amount at the end of five years would be Rs. 3,91,380. Therefore, you are paying a total interest amount of Rs 91,380 at the end of the tenure.

Loanadda personal loan 

   Loanadda's personal loan compares various banks and NBFCs based on your profile and provides a loan through the bank. there is no prerequisite of giving any insurance or any kind of security. loanadda offers flexible term loans that you can use for very diverse occasions including wedding, home renovation, Paying fees of your child, and many more.
  • You can avail a loan amount of up to 40Lakhs.
  • Loan duration can be from 1year to 6years
  • Both self-employed and Salaried are eligible.
  • A CIBIL score of above 750+
  • The processing fee is 1%
  • Loanadda access your profile and decides which bank can provide you loan 
  • Loanadda is operational in most of the Indian cities 

Individual Loan EMI Calculator 

       Regardless of the regularly scheduled payment is a great idea to go with your spending you despite everything need to pay this in order to get hold of an individual advance at the hour of crisis. This is the place an individual advance EMI number cruncher can be a shelter. This online EMI mini-computer helps in getting clear about your reasonableness and EMI that you can without much of a stretch compensation.

You can check for EMI to a personal loan by "Clicking here"

Steps to apply for loanadda personal loan

  • Download app from play store or from website 
  • Register and verify your mobile number 
  • Upload your documents 
  • Loanadda customer care will contact you on the eligible loan amount.
  • You can select the bank and avail the loan in easy steps
  • Loan repayment can be done from the app itself

Loanadda customer care details

      You can contact Loanadda customer care 24x7 through mail:

Home loan in Loanadda 

       What a home loan? Ever longed for having your own home? Or then again have you at any point wanted to get that loft you at any point thought you'll get it sometime in the future? Indeed, don't simply kick back and dream, apply for a home advance, and satisfy your fantasies. Our house is our pride and picking an ideal home for your family is of most extreme worth. With Loanadda you can get a bit nearer to your fantasy home.

      Apply for a Home credit that suits you the best, in light of your fundamental profile and area. LoanAdda offers you a wide scope of alternatives so whether you are intending to purchase another house or buying another plot of land for future developments or hoping to redesign your old house we have the best ideas with most minimal home advance rates.

 Eligibility for Home loan in Loanadda 

        Regardless of whether you're salaried or independently employed, you can get a Home loan from Loanadda. Think about your present profit and the debts you have and decide on a business loan. Loanadda has an inbuilt Algorithm to check your eligibility and provide unique offers designed for you

        Loanadda home loan gives the clients, an enormous pool of alternatives in relationship with the Major Banks and non-banking money organizations (NBFCs) so they could recover all-the latest offers and discounts so that they can get a reasonable home loan with a minimum premium.
 to pay the advance sum on their credit at

        This is done to help clients get the latest home loans at subsidizing costs, LoanAdda electronic EMI adding machine really helps the clients to decide the equivalent regularly scheduled payments that require to be cleared each month against your lodging credit.

    The online EMI number calculator is available in the Loanadda app gives estimations and offers to the clients about the Home loan, The offers depend on the candidate's profile. Loanadda has a group of specialists likewise offers a few choices to move the current assets for a Home loan at profoundly moderate loan costs. Likewise, It has various plans that are uniquely made for the customers who are the non-inhabitant Indians at some exceptional costs with the greatest credit recompense residency of as long as 30 years

To check for EMI Calculator for home loan "Click here"

Loanadda Business loan

      Want to start a new business or expand your current business? Or on the other hand, you truly need to complete your office inside properly or make a venture to extend your exchange. Don't you feel stressed, as we have concocted an ideal financing alternative of Business credit to cause things to chill out for you? A business loan is an unsecured loan that you can undoubtedly profit without showing any security or collateral. Loanadda wants to help the SME sector to grow fast with a little hassle by providing financial support

      These are given by different banks and NBFCs. Taking up business loans at an extraordinary rate towards expanding or taking forward their businesses. They are typically perfect for meeting your transient money related necessities like unforeseen costs, dream occasion, home improvement costs, and so on.

To check for EMI Calculator for a Business loan "Click here"

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