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Kyepot loan - Kyepot chit, Founder

       Kyepot was founded by Sidd Gandhi and Kiran Lakhotia in 2016 to tap into 3 lakh unorganized and unregistered chit fund business in India to provide a more transparent and easy way for the millennials to access chit funds, Chit funds help develop a regular savings habit. It is India's first online chit fund company. 

       KyePot put forth a valiant effort to guarantee you make a large portion of your cash. Through the KyePot application, you can contribute for extraordinary returns, get reasonably, and win with only a couple of taps on your telephone.

      Kyepot is just the platform that has multiple popular chitfund companies available that you can utilize for your advantage. Popular indian Chit funds like Chetana Chit funds Pvt ltd, Mayavaram  Financial Chit Corp, are present in the platform which have managed more than 1000crores.

        KyePot loan offers a lot of plans so that you can set aside cash safely while procuring great returns and obtain at low rates.

       Presently you don't have to depend on costly advances to accomplish your objectives. All you need is India's sole chit fund app. With KyePot you can save and take a loan both at the same time from your kyepot app itself. KyePot consolidates the most recent innovation with India's most seasoned and most well known monetary resource class, in association with driving chit assets of India.
       A large number of Indians the nation over and the world use Chit Funds - regularly known as chitty, Kuri, kitty, advisory group, and beeshi (a.k.a beesi or VC), to get simple and minimal effort advances to encourage their aspirations and understand their fantasies.

       At Keypot you can borrow up to 10 lakhs and save up to 1 Lakh per month.

Advantages of KyePot loan
  • Save cash and take a low-interest rate loan from only one application. 
  • Lower interest loans compared to traditional loans. 
  • Fast and adaptable access to loans
  • Join numerous gatherings and track your money related objectives exclusively in each gathering 
  • Peace of brain as our administrations are agreeable with the Government of India and controlled by nearby specialists 
How KyePot works
  •  Download the app from the play store.
  •  Join a gathering and set your money related objective 
  •  Begin investing money each month.
  • At the point when you're prepared to spend on your objective, get the sum in a low-interest loan.
Just like traditional Chit fund, You need to select a chit and start paying for that every month once the desired limit is met, you can take a loan from that.

What would you be able to utilize  KyePot for?
  • Save cash to utilize the money for emergency scenarios. 
  • Earn high profits and profits each month for your investment funds on kyepot.
  • Borrow cash when you need - Use it as a critical individual advance, understudy advance, clinical advance, wellbeing fund, marriage credit, business advance, vehicle advance, bicycle advance, and so forth. 
       You can Refer and earn from kye pot, You share your referral link or code to your friends and family to join on the platform, there are no restrictions on the number of people you can gather to register. You can earn every time the individual completes to payoff his chit. Referral bonus up to Rs. 1000.

       As your referrals join on KyePot and join gatherings to accomplish their budgetary objectives, your motivations get attributed straightforwardly to your record as kCash. KyePot is by and by the world's first ROSCA or Digital Chit stage to offer such in-application cash. You can utilize your kCash balance for paying your own regularly scheduled payments.

I don't live in India. Would I be able to at present set aside and obtain cash in India with KyePot? 

     Yes, you can have a Non-Resident Indians (NRI) partake in KyePot. For whatever length of time that you have an Indian identification and Aadhaar card for our KYC procedure and an Indian ledger to take care of your obligations, you are free to partake in our chit gatherings.

 Eligibility of Kyepot Chitfund
  • Should be above 21 years
  • Aadhar card 
  • PAN card
  • Bank Account
  • Salary slip

Customer care number of Kyepot: +917303656858

Conclusion(Personal view) :
      It is one of the few companies that offer loans and investing in chit funds option to NRI's, Interest rates are less as compared, the option of digital chit funds is amazing and many people can take part and save their funds.

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