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HDFC - Personal loan, Home loan, Business loan    

      Hdfc is a leading NBFC in India that started in Mumbai, India by Hasmukh Thakordas Parekh.
Housing Development Bank Financial Services (HDBFS) takes into account the developing needs of an Aspirational India, serving both Individual and Business Clients consolidated in 2007. Hdfc is an entrenched business with solid capitalization. HDBFS is certified with CARE AAA and CRISIL AAA evaluations for its long haul obligation and Bank offices and an A1+ rating for its transient obligation and business papers, making it a solid and dependable budgetary organization.HDB Financial Services Limited is an auxiliary organization of HDFC Bank

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Hdfc  Personal loan Features

        HDFC Bank is one of the main individual advances suppliers in India. It offers Personal Loans at serious financing costs, adaptable tenures, affordable likened regularly scheduled payments (EMIs) and brisk disbursals.
  • No security is required for loan approval
  • Basic documentation
  • Minimal interest rates
  • A complete online process with no paperwork
  • Flexible EMI is available.
Documentation required for hdfc personal loan 
  • A valid Aadhar card and PAN card
  • Identity proof like Govt ID card / Passport
  • Three-month bank statements 
  • Three-months salary slips
  • Latest ITR along with computation of income for Self-Employed individuals
  • Photographs
Eligibility of hdfc personal loan 
  • Should be an Indian citizen
  • Age should be above 22years to up to 60 years for employed individuals, and 65 years for self-employed
  • A minimum of 1-year experience is required for salaried and a minimum of 3 years in business for Self-employed.
  • A minimum salary of 20,000 for metro location & 15,0000 for urban employees, 
  • A minimum of 1 lakh per annum for metro location & 75,000 for urban employees
hdfc online interest rates and Fees
  • Interest rates vary from 10.75 % to up to 21.3%
  • The processing fee is 2.5 % of the loan amount 
  • No prepayment in part or full permitted until 12 months of EMI for salaried, Part payment is allowed up to 25% in one financial year only for once, and a total of 2 for the entire loan tenure
  • Prepayment charges for salaried from 13 to 24 months is 4% of the principal outstanding. 
  • Prepayment charges for salaried from 25 to 36 months is 3% of the principal outstanding. 
  • Prepayment charges for salaried from above 37 months are 2% of the principal outstanding. 
Example of hdfc personal calculator
       If you take a loan of 1 Lakh for a tenure of 6 months, If hdfc charges an interest rate of 15.5 p.a, and assume that you pay in 6 EMI. Then you must pay a total interest of Rs.4569. On each EMI you should be paying Rs. 17428. A processing fee of 2.5% with a GST of 18%.

HDFC personal loan
  • Offers loans up to 20 Lakhs
  • Interest vary from - 10.75% - 14.99% 
  • Duration of loan varies from 1 year - 5 Years 
  • Processing Fee  - 2 % of credit endorsed + Taxes 
  • Shame Charges - 750 for every example (Late pay)
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    Hdfc Home loan

           HDFC(Housing Development Finance Corporation) is the pioneer most definitely in providing home loans. They are in presence since 1977. Trust, Integrity, Transparency, and Professional Service are the mainstays of the HDFC brand. Notwithstanding the 474 interconnected workplaces all over India, HDFC has 3 agent workplaces in Dubai, London, and Singapore. HDFC has satisfied the fantasies of over 6.3 million dreams with an assortment of modified arrangements.

          HDFC has the differentiation of dispensing the first Home Loan in Quite a while with the preeminent recipient being Mr. D B Remedios in Mumbai. Since 1978, HDFC has gained notoriety for being the principal Home Loan financer in India.
    HDFC Home Loan Interest Rates - Feb 2020. Home loan by hdfc. eligibility for home loan of hdfc
    • hdfc offers loan amount up to 2 Cr
    • Interest rates vary from- 8% to up to 9.05%
    • Credit residency- 1 year to 30 Years 
    • Should be an Indian citizen above 21 years
    • hdfc offers 90% of the total cost of property 
    • Both salaried and Independent employees can apply for a home loan 
      Using Home loan calculator you can calculate the EMI for the loan amount you wish to take 

      To check HDFC Home loan EMI Calculator Click here

            HDFC offers an app to deal with the Home Loan, It is a one-stop look for all the instructive and value-based administrations identified with credits, around your home, with HDFC. HDFC Home Loans Mobile application is fast, simple, and advantageous to utilize. The application offers a wide scope of administrations for existing just as forthcoming clients

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